Cat Girl (2009)

 Cat Girl (2009)

Rosa Kirishima is in search of the perfect beauty. One day she gets a brochure of Syber Beauty Institute. But this institute doesn’t set out to make women beautiful...

Natasha,a journalist,gets a hunch and visits Dr.Kimura, the director of the institute, to find Rosa’s whereabouts.  Natasha ventures to sneak into the institute at midnight, but Dr. Kimura is one step ahead and caught her. He puts her on his operation table and gives her a shot made from the cat DNA. Dr. Kimura raises her as savage Cat Girl! In the meantime, her best friend, Rosa, is raised as Cat Devil the Beast by Dr .Kimura. Now, Natasha and Rosa are subjects of the bidding on their fighting and meet face to face in the battle arena!

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Cat Girl (2009)

Things (1989) VHS

 Things (1989) VHS

...THINGS weaves the twisted tale of Doug Drake (Doug Bunston) and his wife Susan (Patricia Sadler). Unable to conceive a child, the couple turns to the evil Dr. Lucas (Jan W. Pachul), who artificially inseminates Susan. As expected, it all turns out rather badly and Susan gives birth to a bunch of… well, things. Fear not, however, Doug's brother Don (Barry J. Gillis) and his wisecracking sidekick Fred (Bruce Roach) are on the scene, ready to drink beer, eat cheese sandwiches, and battle the ant-like things with chainsaws, flashlights, and good old old-fashioned common sense.

In 1989, most of the world remained blissfully unaware of the cinematic monstrosity that Andrew Jordan and Barry J. Gillis had unleashed via the then-thriving direct-to-video market. The fact that this film got made is in itself quite amazing, the fact that it got released borders on the miraculous. Apparently, Jordan and Gillis were somehow able to convince Intervision that THINGS cost a whopping $350,000 to make, when the actual budget was more like $35,000. Honestly, that number still seems quite a stretch, unless beer and cheese are obscenely expensive in Canada.

THINGS was filmed on Super 8. It's grainy, out of focus, badly lighted, badly acted, and just plain hard to watch. The original sound for the entire film was ruined, which led to one of the most hilariously bad and out-of-sync re-dubs in film history. There are long awkward silences, unbearable static and distortion, and, to make matters worse, Jordan and Gillis are obviously making most of the film's sound effects by mouth. The final result defies words, elevating what would have just been another bad and forgettable movie into a definitive cult classic.
(IMDB GorePolice)

 Porn star and club owner Amber Lynne shows up as a reporter who spends the entire movie sitting on a chair and reading off cue cards. The remarkable thing is that in one of her first mainstream films, the set she is on has lower production values than any porn she had appeared in. (IMDB deheor)

Amber Lynne

I Spit On Your Corpse (1974)

 I Spit On Your Corpse (1974)
Girl For Rent 
Fatal Pursuit

The Syndicate has hired Donna to blackmail a politician. She's supposed to drug him, but the drug ends up giving the old fellow a heart attack (which was the plan all along, unbeknownst to Donna). Donna doesn't want to be a part of this and high tails it out of town and heads for Mexico. Almost immediately after leaving, the two women who recruited her, Erica the assassin and Sandra the prison escapee, set out to catch and kill her for trying to run. Then, a series of "unfortunate events" occur. Donna's car is stolen by a hitchhiker at a rundown gas station run by a tubby born-again Christian. Then Donna accepts a ride from an old gem collector who promptly drives her in his old Datsun back to his place to pleasure his idiot son. While she leaves the son in the lurch, Donna steals the truck and takes off down the old dirt road for God knows where with barely any fuel. Meanwhile, Erica and Sandra find the hitchhiker and blow her brains out then speed back to the filling station to find Donna who ironically was there when they stopped to ask Tubby if he'd seen the blue Pinto Donna drove. Then they find out where the old man lives and burn rubber out that way. WELL! By this time, Donna has indeed run out of gas and as luck would have it, a bo-hunk with the traditional 70's beard pulls up out of nowhere and she remembers him from the gas station. Well, she's got no time to worry if he's a serial rapist or whatnot, so she accepts a ride from him back to his campsite in the mountains. Then things get hairy. Erica and Sandra find the old man's house and promptly pistol whip him then later, Sandra rapes his idiot son and puts a bullet in his skull just as he's about to, well, you know.
(IMDB Tender-Flesh)

Road gang

Kent Taylor - Rosland Miles

Georgina Spelvin

Susie Ewing (Susan McIver)

Lorraine Wilson

Gemma Masters

Tracy Goodman

Roslind Miles

Regina Carrol

Kent Taylor

Hank Friedman

Susie Ewing-Georgina Spelvin-Roslind Miles

Hugh Warden

Tallie Cochrane

Preston Pierce