Let The Fire Burn (2013)

 Let The Fire Burn (2013)

On May 13, 1985, Philadelphia police dropped two pounds of military explosives onto a city row house occupied by the radical group MOVE. The resulting fire was not fought for over an hour although firefighters were on the scene with water cannons in place. Five children and six adults were killed and sixty-one homes were destroyed by the six-alarm blaze, one of the largest in the city's history. This dramatic tragedy unfolds through an extraordinary visual record previously withheld from the public.(IMDB)

The Taking Of Christina (1976)

 The Taking Of Christina (1976) 

... the film - ... it delivers a fairly interesting story with 
some faintly fleshed out characters, and it's all wrapped up 
in an unusually think layer of sleaze. The title suggests that 
the film focuses on a girl called Christina; but this isn't 
actually the case, as the central characters are Frank and 
Sonny - a couple of ex-convicts who parade around in their 
car looking for money and whores. Christina's story is loosely 
implemented into the film towards the beginning, but she doesn't 
feature in an important way until it's nearly the end. First, 
we get to find out what kind of men Frank and Sonny are; before 
they kidnap and rape Christina.

Overall, this might not do much for your average movie fan - 
but fans of seventies exploitation will want to check it 
out. (IMDB The_Void)

The Batwoman (1968 Mexico)

 The Batwoman (1968 Mexico)
La mujer murcielago

...a mad scientist is wanting to create a race of super gill men. 
He uses the glands of wrestlers because they are "perfect". ... 
Wrestlers are winding up dead all over Acapulco so the call goes 
out for that mysterious crime fighter BATWOMAN!

She has the Batman cape, cowl and boots. 
Only Batman doesn't wear a bikini. ...

The doctor succeeds in creating a gill man. Batwoman tosses acid 
in the scientist's face. He wants revenge and wants to make her 
into a gill woman.

(IMDB  evilskip) NV&S

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